How I bought a $26 game on steam for less than $0.50

98% discount? Sure!

So many of us have grown accustomed to using Steam. It’s a convenient way to buy your games and be able to access them from different places.

Adding to that are the many sales that happen throughout the year that allow us to get games for great prices. A $20 game can often be had for something like $8, which is an impressive over 50% discount. But what would you say about a discount that was in the 98% discount range?! Sound like a utopian dream? Well, it’s actually possible and here’s how I did it.

$ is merely a tool

First, you need to shake the notion that we actually have to buy the game with your $. Instead we use our $ as an instrument to obtain another currency known as Dogecoins. This might sound like a joke (and it actually started as one) but Dogecoin is in fact a “real” digital currency with which you are able to send and receive payments all over the world without hefty fees going to banks and payment providers.

Dogecoins are held in a virtual wallet which is basically a file on your computer. In order to learn more about Dogecoin, and how to keep your coins safe, go to If you are in to Reddit you could visit the sub /r/dogecoin and get answers to all your questions.

Turning $ into Dogecoin

To obtain Dogecoins you can do things like mining etc. but for this I want to show you how you quickly can get your hands on Dogecoins in order to snatch up good deals. So we are using $ to buy Dogecoins. To do this you can go to


What does, and does very fast and efficiently, is to allow you to send $ using PayPal and send you Dogecoins. You do pay a small premium, but when you look at the deals you can make when using Dogecoins it quickly becomes apparent that you are still able to save a ton of cash.

If you would buy $10 worth of Dogecoins right now at the current rate you would get 62657 Dogecoins.

Finding something to buy

Now that we have our Dogecoins we head on over to SuchList enables users to post ads of things and services they wish to sell or buy. It supports both auction style ads and classical classified style ads where the price is fixed before hand.


What caught my eye this particular day was an ad for the highly acclaimed game Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate edition. The “For Sale” logo tells me it’s a classified ad and around it we can see more posted classified ads and auctions.


A closer look at the ad in question reveals some information as well as the price in Docegoins.


A quick look in the Steam store showed me the game had great ratings from both Meta critic and players. So after I decided this actually was a game I probably would enjoy I looked at the pricing on Steam.


It was priced at right under €20 which turns out to be around $25. Going back to the game offered on SuchList we read the description to see if there are any special conditions and the availability to make sure it’s actually sold to me in my country.


After making sure the offer was available to me and reading up on the description my interest remained. But around 2600 Dogecoins! That sounds like a lot, right? Much more than the nice figure of 25 which was the price in $. So what is the actual price converted back to $?

You could calculate this in your head, use some existing service or just look at the approx $ value calculated by SuchList. This is updated every 5 min. We see there that the game on SuchList is for sale for about $0.35! Counting in the premium we paid in order to quickly be able to convert $ to Dogecoins instead of going through some exchange etc we still get a huge discount!

Not unique!

It might sound like I got really lucky with this deal. But a quick look on the games offered on shows that many of them are offered for prices of at least 50% discount or more compared to Steam retail price. Granted that not all are, but there’s a big enough porting to allow you to make some good deals if you are willing to just first convert your $ into Dogecoins.

So, although I perhaps struck it a bit lucky, 50%-98% discounts on Steam games is indeed possible if you join the Dogecoin community!

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